Family and Senior Portraits, Wedding Photography & Cinematography Video Production 

Photos by Tim Fuchs.

I am a 40 year old father of three daughters, and married to the love of my life, my high school sweetheart and my photography assistant, Melanie.

I have always been a lover of Art, Photography, and Drawing.

As I grew up, I became less aware of my passions and focused on work and the day to day. in 2014 I was approached by family to do some photos for Senior Pictures, since I was the only one he would let take them. 

From there it all was re-kindled. I picked the camera back up, started looking around more Photography Opportunities and began my journey.

I photographed at Weddings, birthdays, and school events. I was then asked for some Wedding Photography and Senior Portrait sessions. At that point I decided to go all in.

I started with a Professional Nikon Camera, and a couple lenses.

Now I have a stable of Portrait and Event cameras and lenses to capture any moment. Wedding Photography, Family Picture Sessions, Senior Portraits, Sports and Action Photography, and even the ability to do Newborn photography.

Its a Passion and a love to capture and print something that will be cherished forever.

What drives me? Its knowing that you will never get this day back. Once it is gone it is a memory forever. 

That is why I love to capture those special moments, those days you will only have once and those memories that will last forever.  I always remember growing up and looking through all of the photos in the family photo albums. In today's digital age we have lost the ability to sit around an old wedding album and browse the pictures. To relive a Christmas from the past. Or, just to remember any of the days that your kids were growing up.


Don't let those moment go.

Capture Them, Print Them and Keep Them Forever.


Best wishes,


The Barn Okoboji Wedding Photography